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An FCL shipment is the transportation of a shipment with an entire shipping container. The merchandise being imported or exported has exclusive use of the container space and doesn’t have to share with other importers or exporters, unlike LCL.

Here’s when you should book FCL

  1. When you send more than 10 standard pallets or 14m3 worth of merchandise: Goods above this volume may be shipped at a lower rate via FCL than LCL. → Optimize costs with an FCL shipment.
  2. When you need your cargo to be secure: With FCL shipping, goods are not in contact with those of other shippers and have a lower risk of being damaged. → Protect your cargo with FCL shipping.
  3. When your shipment is urgent: Transit times for FCL shipments are shorter because they don’t go through as many hubs as LCL shipments do. → Fast-track your shipment with FCL shipping.
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