Break Bulk Services

Best Break Bulk Cargo Transportation Services

Breakbulk is cargo that does not fit in or utilize standard shipping containers or cargo bins. Cargo is shipped loose in the vessel’s hold and not in a container. Also referred to as Non-Containerised Cargo (NCC), Out of Gauge (OOG) and static cargo. Breakbulk cargo is transported as individual pieces.

  • As large breakbulk units can be shipped fully built-up, the potential loss of time and money associated with dismantling and rebuilding is eliminated.
  • Cargo is safely lashed and loaded below deck into the hull of the ship and is therefore completely sheltered from the elements.
  • Cargo is generally not lifted over long distances (with the exception of weather deck operations) as compared to LoLo or container ships. Lifting is limited to on and off cargo equipment, such as roll trailers and those operations happen independently of scheduled vessel loading/discharging operations.
  • The term break bulk derives from the phrase breaking bulk—the extraction of a portion of the cargo of a ship or the beginning of the unloading process from the ship’s holds. These goods may not be in shipping containers. Break bulk cargo is transported in bags, boxes, crates, drums, or barrels. Unit loads of items secured to a pallet or skid are also used.

Break Bulk Transportation Service is meant to encompass cargo that is transported in bags, boxes, crates, drums, or barrels – or items of extreme length or size. To be considered break bulk, these goods must be loaded individually, not in intermodal containers nor in bulk as with liquids or grains.

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