Bar Coding & Repacking

Best Bar Coding & Repacking Services

Durable barcode labels are a top choice for industries using asset tracking systems. Barcode labels serve as asset tags, warehouse labels, and utility asset labels. Asset tracking maximizes asset control efficiency. Barcodes enable to count and track assets more quickly and accurately and virtually eliminate human error.

Repackaging is a type of value-added service that takes place whenever a change or reconfiguration needs to be made to a product. Most 3PL warehousing and distribution providers offer some level of repackaging, though not all do so for the same reasons. One of the more common reasons for repacking a product is to move it into your company’s personal branded packaging rather than use what the manufacturer sends it in. Other possible reasons can include making adjustments based on unique customer requests or to make a change to any pre-assembled kits your warehouse makes use of.

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